Barış Manço – Lonaly Man

Years ago i dreamt of the life i`d lead
Years ago i thought of the things i`d do
Years ago i dreamt of the girl i`d love
When i grew older
To be a young man
To be a grown man
To take my place in the world
Lonely Lonely Lonely i`m lonely..Lonely man
I grew up went to work and left my dreams
I grew up found that life has hidden sides
I grew up tested things with my own hands
Then i met a young girl
To share my story
To love and marry
And proudly carry to my home
Lonely Lonely Lonely I`m Lonely..Lonely Man
As years passed i learnt that love does nt last
As years passed i saw life s not what it scams
As years passed i have gone back to my dreams
But my dreams grew sadder
And now i feel old
My heart has grown cold
And the story s told of my life

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