Barış Manço – Trip

Swing high,
Swing it all around,
Swing high,
Trip that all of town,
Swing higher and higher and higher
You’ll never know what it is
It’s gonna wheel,
All around (all around koro halinde) and,
Up and down,
Now now now now now (9x)

And guess,
What the potter -down,
And guess what all the people think,
And gallop on, gallop on, gallop on,
It’s flying too far but they won’t get lost,
Just round (around) and,
Up and down,
Now now now now (9x),

Now try,
It’s time to saying so long,
Now try,
Blinded while ı’m in fair,
And heltering – gelterin – skeltering down,
The magic puppet flying in a swing around,
And down (calm down koro halinde) and,
To the fairground
Now now now now now (9x),

Swing high,
It’s nearly time to go,
Swing high,
Crazy about the floor,
They’re dancing and dancing and dancing around,
You’re at the bottom and you can’t get out,
İt all belongs to you,
Now now now now (9x),

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