Lost Infinity – Nocturnal Desire

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When I was reborn to an eternal life

I opened my eyes to a night

Where the sun never turned to me again

They gave me a kingdom of darkness

But I never wanted a life which took on other lives

How come my eternal life fed on blood?

All the beauties in my life get pale.

Darkness and thirst is slowly conquering me

Although I still miss the sunlight.

The great dilemma in my life drives me insane

Poems of angels repeat your name

Hear the calls of the night

It smells like blood


Whispers are everywhere

I can’t bare it no longer

I can’t resist to my desires anymore

There is something inside that I need so much


Nocturnal Desire

Has astrayed me, Desires ensued

My thirst was overcame and I had profaned

Thus I turned into a Nosferatu

You know you need the crimson treasure, to discover the taste

Grant me thy life and I’ll have a taste of you

I prowled in the night thus my pallor skin met the noble red

You know you need the crimson treasure, to discover the taste

The demiurge lord bequeathed this life to me!!

But he stole mine

These lands belong to him

Punish me if you will, for my hands are not clean

But deny me not my revenge

Then his mists swelled and he gabbled his spell

Thus I fell

I choose this death with my own free will

I was gasping towards the sun on my last solstice

My amorphous dreams lightened by azure

My eternal life met with the omega

Then my grief abandoned me

Nocturnal Desire!!!

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