Ofermod – Khabs Am Pekht

Ofermod Khabs Am Pekht Şarkı Sözleri

I direct and I behold…

The golden light descends at Will

Veil of restriction unfold…

Holy, silent and still

I am, thou art, in extension…

Grant me the vision of thy chosen few

The strength of a Devourer

Very god of very god born anew

All-absorber, all-deflowerer

Nothing is in extension…

And I beheld and I saw

The selfless self dwelled within

And struggled Mehûmâh

Ever Seeking, ever searching

Through the deepest Mummu

To descend in emanation

Through wombs of shining with radiance

Of their serpent, of their death

And other seals, secrets to me yet unknown

Seals of splendor, seals of great mystery

Still, a vain effort was the search

For the primum mobile encountered

The vast Têhom, not through effort

But by will

Be my prophet, O new-born

That is the root of heavenly fire

Illuminated, pure and anointed

In all aspects like unto god…

… In extension…

And Behold

I saw Tiamtu, the watery deep

Yes, the ancient serpent of chaos

In all it’s horrid glory, raging relentlessly

At the fire that had become the self

Being slain… and born again

Naught in extension…

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