Vanilla Ice – Now Forever

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I need a woman that’s sexy

Straight up and erotic

I gotta have her.

Yes a beautiful sex goddess

The kind of girl who rocks my world.

Doin’ those crzy things

With whipped cream an’ ice cream.

An’ everything from grapes to honey,

Andif you ask me

I wan her for 9 1&2 weeks moeny,

Straight stranded on a beach “G”.

While she climbs up and down

This tall coconut tree,

An’ doin’ wild things with

Her tongue and lips,

An’ her thighs, includin’ them hips,

She comes equipped to lead.

The I.C.E. stuck, the kind of woman who

Can make my volcano erupt.

I need a woman that drives me crazy

When I look at her,

And make the Ice Man melt

When I look at her.

Yeah, she’s the one to make Vanilla’s blood boil,

Open up that hood,

And let me check that oil.

I got the right dip stick for the job honey.

Watch me swing, while you’re edancin’ in your G-string.

And let me pull up to your bumpa,

And if your battery is dead,

I’ll pull my cable out and jump yaPump ya’ witht he juice

To keep the engine runninOh yes, you’ve got the body work

To keep the Ice man cominAgain and again

In any type of weather, Baby,

I need you – Now, Now and Forever

I’m the type of man that

Likes to get it off.

I’ll pour some champagne all

Over your baod, and then I’ll lick it off.

Uh an’ I have to tell you somthinI want to kiss your neck,

And take my tongue around your belly button.

I need a woman not a hooka

To take rides on my love boat.

Yes, my 53 fotta,

So let’s sink in my hot tub or jacuzzi

And do those crazy wild things,

That amuse me.

Oh yes baby, I’ll be your sex slave

And with my head gear on,

I wanna go and explore your cave,

See you can make the Ice cream.

Come here girl, and take a lick of this ice cream

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