Vintersong – E.S.P. Mirage

Vintersong E.S.P. Mirage Şarkı Sözleri

A spiral orbit circumnavigates the axis

Fragments, threads of the origin’s shape

The dreary synopsis of an aeon-old praxis

Encircles the thoughts from which minds escape

“And when my soul and spirit unites

in a oneness of the four elements

I’ll be the magician of cosmic rites

Using astral instruments”

Like the released psyche of the creator

Swirling around the origin’s indicator

Visions from the spiral generator

E.S.P. Mirage!

I intersect the shining pulsator

When I travel in this spirit simulator

Receiving visions from the generator

E.S.P. Mirage!

Perplexed by the questions of our existence

The patterns in external reality

Secretive formulas along an unthinkable distance

Force the thinking into unexplored philosophy

An entity which spins in the galaxy hurricane

With a plasticity changing by the age

The director of periodic meteor rain

Which seems to be framed by a mathematical cage

Mother to events so violent

But as no one hears it, it may be silent

“Therefore my thinking I’ll incubate

and search in the duality of I and Me

’cause from trumpets you can alienate

But from silence you can’t flee”

Remotely viewing other planes

Using my mind’s eye to gaze

As I detect the spiral’s stains

In microbes, mountains and every inch of space

Trembling before its divinity

It may be larger than infinity

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